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Leaked & Combusted: Strategies for reducing the hidden costs of methane emissions & transitioning off gas

June 4, 2024|

Focusing on the downstream portion of the gas supply chain—the part servicing residential and commercial consumers—this report presents a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities for reducing gas-related emissions.

Retrofitting Buildings to be Future-Fit: The journey to decarbonization

July 17, 2023|

We estimate that across the world’s most developed cities at least 90% of office buildings are over 10 years old. Most of these assets would not meet today’s energy efficiency standards for new builds and very few have firm plans in place to prepare for even more stringent regulations on the horizon as governments pivot efforts to decarbonize existing buildings.

REPORT: Why cooling is key

June 15, 2023|

The report, Why cooling is key: How to decarbonize buildings with one weird trick, analyzes data on the shipments of heating and cooling technology in five states, and finds converting central AC unit sales to heat pumps can dramatically accelerate the decarbonization of homes while boosting grid resilience, lowering technology and installations costs, and improving the health and safety of the nation’s housing stock, if policymakers act quickly to harness this market.