We are in the midst of a historic period in Washington as Congress considers a substantial investment in the nation’s infrastructure. On this page, we summarize and track building decarbonization-related provisions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Last Updated: November 17, 2021 at 11:15 am ET. 

Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency ($ millions)
Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings ($ millions)
Industrial Energy Efficiency and Smart Manufacturing ($ millions)
Other ($ millions)
Section Title Description Funding ($ millions) Funding Targets
40413 Expansion of Energy Consumption Surveys Expands scope of data collected by the EIA’s energy consumption surveys and requires data to be presented at the state level. Not Stated Data
40502 Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund Capitalization grants to states to establish grant/loan programs to offer energy audits and retrofits. $250 Commercial, Residential
40503 Energy Auditor Training Grants to states to provide workforce training to individuals to perform energy audits. $40 Workforce
40511 Updated Building Codes Implementation Grants to states to develop and implement updated building codes including training for builders, contractors, and construction workers. $225 Commercial, Residential
40512 Building, Training, and Assessment Centers Grants to institutions of higher education to establish centers to train the buildings sector workforce and conduct R&D for alternative fuels. $10 Workforce
40513 Career Skills Training Grants to cover 50% of the cost of career skills training programs $10 Workforce
40514 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Information Information sharing agreement between EPA and EIA related to RECS and CBECS (EIA) and Portfolio Manager Database (EPA). EIA to assess feasibility of publishing CBECs every three years (down from six) Not stated Commercial, Data
40521 Future of Industry Program – Industrial Research and Assessment Centers Grants to institutions of higher education to establish centers that will provide energy assessments to manufacturing plants and conduct research on industrial energy use. $150 Industry
40521 Future of Industry Program – Implementation Grants Grants to small and medium manufacturers to implement energy upgrades. $400 Industry
40522 Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative DOE to carry out technical assessments for manufacturers to identify opportunities for energy efficiency Not stated Industry
40532 Leveraging Existing Agency Programs to Assist Manufacturers. Expands the scope of technologies covered by the industrial research and assessment centers to include “smart manufacturing technologies.” Not stated Industry
40533 Leveraging Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure at National Laboratories Increases access to computing power of National Labs for small manufacturers. Not stated Industry
40534 State Manufacturing Leadership Grants to States to establish programs that help small manufacturers implement smart manufacturing technology. $50 Industry
40541 Grants for Energy Upgrades at Public Schools Grants to public schools for energy improvements including alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. $500 Public Buildings
40542 Energy Efficiency Materials Pilot Program Grants to non-profits to install systems or equipment that reduce energy and/or fuel use. $50 Non-Profits
40551 Weatherization Assistance Program One time appropriation to the Weatherization Assistance Program established under the Energy Conservation and Production Act $3,500 Residential
40552 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. One time appropriation to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program established under the Recovery Act of 2009. $550 Public Buildings
40553 Report of Employment and Demographics in the Energy Sector Establishes council to conduct annual report on employment in the power, energy efficiency, and motor vehicle sectors by technology and fuel type. Not Stated Data, Workforce
40554 Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies One time appropriation to the grant program for energy upgrades at federal facilities established under the National Energy Conservation Policy Act. $250 Public Buildings
40555 Rebates One time appropriation for two rebate programs established under the Energy Act of 2020 that fund the replacement of inefficient electric motors and transformers. $20 Commercial, Industry
40556 Model Guidance for Combined Heat and Power Systems DOE to issue model guidance on interconnection processes for combined heat and power systems. Not stated Industry