The Wisconsin Clean Energy Plan aims to change the adverse trajectory of climate change impacts. In August 2019, with the issuance of Executive Order #38, Governor Tony Evers directed the Wisconsin Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy (OSCE) to create a comprehensive clean energy plan (CEP). This CEP directly addresses the effects of climate change and environmental justice through programs and policies; supports the use of clean energy resources and technology; fosters innovation; protects public health and identifies and creates energy workforce opportunities. The CEP builds on a variety of past work and has considered the thoughts, plans, and suggestions of people and entities throughout Wisconsin, including utilities, private industry, frontline communities, Tribal Nations, government, academia, environmental not-for-profits, and many more.

Wisconsin’s CEP provides a framework to ensure that Wisconsin businesses, communities, and people are well-positioned to share in the work of this plan and to take advantage of the large influx of federal dollars for clean energy and environmental justice initiatives. Wisconsin’s CEP is one of many necessary steps toward meeting the state’s carbon-free power and climate goals while staying within our carbon budget, the total allowable carbon emissions to prevent continued increased global temperatures. This CEP is designed to be comprehensive yet flexible and adaptable to technological, market, and behavioral changes.