Forward-looking cities and towns across America are forging the path to all-electric buildings. 

Electrifying the places we live and work is an important step on America’s path to repower society with clean renewable energy. Burning fossil fuels in residential and commercial buildings causes almost 30% of our country’s global warming emissions and research is increasingly showing that using fossil fuels in appliances like gas stoves can cause dangerous levels of indoor air pollution. Switching to clean, efficient and all-electric technologies will lead to cleaner air and a more liveable climate. 

Right now, cities and towns all across America, from Ithaca, New York, to Berkeley, California, are forging the path to all-electric buildings. Environment America Research & Policy Center partnered with U.S. PIRG Education Fund to create a guide highlighting progress for communities that are looking to join the movement for clean energy buildings. 

“Ten Ways Your Community Can Go All-Electric” can serve as a starting point for local elected officials and community members who want to get involved and take steps to electrify their homes, businesses, and other buildings.