The Building America Program, funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), has worked for the last five years to reach the next level of cost effective energy performance in homes (approximately 30% above the B10 BenchmarkPDF – roughly consistent with the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code).  To prove to industry that this level of performance is achievable and market viable, DOE created a labeling program called the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH).  The climate-specific guidance in this section of the Building America Solution Center provides detailed information on optimized solutions that meet or exceed the ZERH program requirements, cost effectively.

Use the interactive map below to find climate-specific guidance on Building America’s Optimized Solutions for New Homes. For more information about climate designations, see the Building America  Guide to Determining Climate Regions by CountyPDF.

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Date: June 24, 2022

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