The Future of Indoor Air: Policy Solutions for Clean and Healthy Buildings

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When strategizing health and climate goals in the building sector, the US has a blind spot: indoor air. Despite being one of the country’s top five major health risks, indoor air pollution is currently overlooked and unregulated. Burning fossil fuels in buildings releases additional health-harming pollutants that exacerbate climate change. A recent report from RMI summarizes how indoor air quality guidelines are a critical first step to effectively address indoor air pollutants, and how they can inform policy measures to mitigate risk.

RMI will host a virtual panel discussion on March 6th, 2024 at 11am ET, summarizing their recent report and convening industry experts to illuminate why now is the ideal time to improve indoor air and what policy solutions are available to deploy. They’ll also answer key questions about indoor air pollution and building performance, including those from audience members.

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