Optimized Installations of Air Source Heat Pumps for Single Family Homes

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Cold climate air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are the technology expected to provide an estimated 25% of total residential electrical savings in the state in the coming decade (MN Energy Efficiency Potential Study, 2018). This will be an essential component in meeting Minnesota’s energy conservation goals. As interest in ASHPs increases statewide as well as nationally by stakeholders, installations continue to rise, and more applications are developed, the ability to estimate savings will continue to be important for homeowners, contractors, and programs. Although installations are increasing, barriers remain to meet our local and national goals. In response, Center for Energy and Environment will share research results in this webinar, such as:

  • Installation and evaluation of a sample of cold climate ASHP systems in Minnesota homes, including: the trade-offs of different ASHP applications and approaches, installation best practices, the importance and impact of good controls, and interactions with existing and supplemental heating sources.
  • Detailed performance data and impact of installation and control decisions on final results, as evaluated over a at least one full heating season.
  • Analysis of the performance of ductless multi-head heat pump applications, the first analysis done in cold climates.
  • Implications on savings calculations important to the state’s Technical Reference Manual.

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