Buildings Hub Live: Building Decarbonization in the Midwest

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As of 2020, only 20 percent of households in the Midwest used electricity for primary space heating, and it is the region most dependent on piped gas and propane for home heating. Likewise, only 14 percent of regional households are all-electric, and just about 5 percent of homes report having a primary heat pump.

What opportunities exist to decarbonize and electrify the Midwest and facilitate efficiency gains across the region. Which states are leading the charge to electrify the built environment, and what should we expect from policymakers across region going forward? How might the injection of federal climate funding turn the tide and move the needle on Midwest electrification? Join Atlas Policy Analyst Zack Strauss, Molly Graham from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and Dr. Missy Stults from the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan to find out!

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