2024 Equity Summit: Sustainability Renaissance

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Save the date for the Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition’s first in-person summit in 2024!

Our theme is Sustainability Renaissance: Unleashing the Power of Collective Action. This conference embarks on a transformative journey towards a just and sustainable future. Over two days, we will explore themes such as building decarbonization, equity, cultural respect, storytelling, and the power of collective action. This conference serves as a rallying call, igniting our passion and empowering us to mobilize around the Justice40 Initiative and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

We will address power dynamics and advocate for decolonization in the clean energy sector through engaging sessions, expert insights, and community involvement. Through fostering meaningful inclusion and centering on authentic allyship and leadership, attendees will leave this conference inspired and ready to unleash the transformative potential of Justice40 and the IRA in our communities and beyond.

Together, we will shape a future where sustainability and justice are inseparable, leaving no one behind in our pursuit of a better world.

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